Volunteering for Silhillians RUFC 1 of 5

1. Welcome from the Chairman

“Rugby is a team sport, ON and OFF the field.”

Without people like you and me, who are willing to freely donate their time, skills and passion, our club could not exist.

Volunteers matter; we make a difference and our generosity will have a profound and lasting impact on our club and the players that pass through it.

Hopefully, you will benefit individually too as you gain skills, confidence, new friends and become a valued member of our #oneclub who help shape the future of rugby at Silhillians Rugby Union Football Club (SRUFC).

Please know that your efforts are recognised, appreciated, valued and cherished.

This pack should contain everything necessary to help you fulfil your volunteer role, but please do not hesitate to contact an executive member or club officer with any queries or suggestions.

Everyone and anyone can be involved in running and supporting our club.

Kind regards

Lee Jones (aka Window), Chairman
e-mail: info@silhillians.com